Clocks - Series 12

Clock Clock Clock Hour Hand Minute Hand

This is the current production model. These clocks each have a front piece made from a single length of timber, a strong design allowing much freedom in the final shaping of the frame.

Clocks in this series are easy to install and get running. They are fixed to the wall by one mounting screw, assembly is minimal and there is one simple adjustment for the owner to perform.

This design is visually closer to Series 10 than its direct predecessor, though it is much easier to live with. Installation is simple - it really can be done by anyone who can drill a hole in a wall. It has a lighter weight, so the daily winding requires less effort and is quieter. It's a coherent design that allows a variety of unique frames to be shaped.

These clocks are proving to be very popular - I intend to make many more.

Series 12 Instruction Manual (pdf)