Clocks - Series 10 & 11

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This page shows clocks made between 2006 & 2009. Series 10 clocks have a complex mounting arrangement that is tricky to install; Series 11 is much simpler, needing only one mounting screw.

Series 11 is also an attempt to take a more integrated approach to the shapes of the various frame parts. During the design process the weight cord system evolved from the three pulley set of Series 10 to the more efficient two pulley set now used in Series 12.

Series 11 clocks were challenging to make and wasteful of wood; lots of strangely curved pieces and few straight lines - only 2 were made. My current production clocks (Series 12) owe more visually to the earlier Series 10.

I hope to put an updated Series 11 clock design into production in the near future.